Richard Lawson on Drew Barrymore’s New Wine

Drew Barrymore has, like the Coppola’s before her, entered the wine biz. The fast and furious wine industry. In the ads, It’s mostly just Drew Barrymore wandering around sun kissed in some sort of vineyard, staring off into the distance. I think she’s trying to sell it as this laid back, California living kind of thing. But […]

Jesse Owens and the Berliner Olympic

Olympic runner Jesse Owens broke down color barriers and shattered speed records in his day. In his honor, we mix up the Olympic Berliner - a combination of the Olympic (popular in Owens' day) and the Berliner, spiced with Kummel, a German caraway-flavored sweet liqueur.

Dillinger and The Old Fashioned

Manhattan cocktails were popular in John Dillinger’s day… and Old-Fashioned's are simply Manhattans with sugar and bitters added. Have a little blast from the past with this cocktail, as prepared by John the bartender at Los Angeles’ Dresden Room.