ATTN Angelenos: See Rico & Brendan LIVE Thursday, Sept. 9th

We love all our listeners equally. But this Thursday, September 9th, L.A.-area listeners have access to a special treat: Me and Brendan, live at the famed Troubadour nightclub. (Sorry to leave you out, other listeners, but consider this a reward to Angelenos for putting up with smog, traffic and Mel Gibson.)
The occasion? America’s *second* best podcast, [Too Beautiful To Live](, hosted by the too-charming-to-die Luke Burbank, is taping a live episode that evening, and we are Luke’s special guests. Or rather his special-est guests, with a bunch of total nobodies like [Rob Corddry](, [Dana Gould](, [Jesse Thorn](, [Garfunkel & Oates]( and [Princeton]( bringing up the rear.
Tickets are $20 and available [here](
We look forward to meeting you and not knowing quite how to handle the fact that after years of playing in our own indie bands, a show about dinner parties finally landed us a Troubadour gig.