6 Ways to Submit an Etiquette Question (Video)

Each week we invite a celebrity or etiquette expert to answer your questions. But did you know there are SIX different ways you can send us your problems? Let Team DPD show you how.


Always remember to tell us your name and where you’re from!

Method #1: Write to us
You can submit your question through our contact form here OR email it to us directly by sending it to

Method #2: Call us
Leave a voice on the DPD hotline by calling (929) 335-DNLD [3653].

Method #3: Instagram
Submit your etiquette question by commenting on a post like this OR tap “Contact” on our profile page (mobile only).

Method #4: Twitter
Tweet your dilemma to @dinnerpartydnld.

Method #5: Facebook
Just like Instagram, you can comment on an etiquette post like this one, write your question in the status box at the top of our page OR message us directly (yes, we really check our messages there).

Method #6: Send us a voice memo
Many smartphones have an app that lets you record short messages. Open the app and record a short message (please keep it under a minute), then send it via email to