DPD’s Guide to the 2016 Golden Globe Award Winners

Catch up with a few of our insightful interviews featuring winner's from this year's ceremony.

(Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama – Brie Larson, “Room”

Rico spoke to Brie about her award-winning performance in the film, and while she admitted that she felt slightly apprehensive about taking on a lead role, Brie learned a lot from her preparation for the film:

I had eight months to really get everything together, and it was much easier when I was talking with a trauma specialist because they help people move through this. Not just these particular situations, but you learn about all the different types of trauma that a person can experience.

And then you get to learn about the flip side of with time, and with the help of the right people, we overcome them. And so the story [of “Room”], to me, became more exciting when it was about surviving and liberation and this concept that life doesn’t end. It just keeps going. And even when you feel like you’re handed something that is just so painful and so awful and you think, “Well, this is it. How could life possibly go on?” It does.

Best television series, musical or comedy – “Mozart in the Jungle”

Actor Jason Schwartzman executive-produces and co-writes the now Golden Globe-winning series. He’ll be joining us at our live show later this month with Father John Misty, Jenny Slate and more!

Brendan and Rico also chatted with Jason and Adam Scott back in June about their film “Overnight.” The two offered up some sage advice during their visit and Jason was very candid about wearing genital prosthetics in the film (you read that right):

…I’d noticed that people would try to deadlock my eyes and ask me a question [on the film’s set]… you could feel they were trying not to look. And there was a moment where I felt like Adam and I had to sort of say, “Please don’t treat us like this.”

Best performance by an actor in a television series, musical or comedy – Gael García Bernal, “Mozart in the Jungle”

When Brendan spoke with Gael, the actor reflected on his long career in the acting industry and why he envies the conductor character he plays on the show:

There is something that he has that I envy a lot and it’s an easygoing-ness. So, maybe that’s what happens when one reaches that point of genius… He goes into music. He goes into this world which is completely abstract and there’s a tangent and I envy that. I wish I could do that, you know? And I could abstract myself into that. On the contrary, I go into a very mundane day-to-day soap opera problematics.

Best performance by an actor in a leading role in a series, limited series or motion picture made for television – Oscar Isaac, “Show Me a Hero”

Rico interviewed Oscar earlier this year for his film “Ex Machina,” where, amongst other things, he revealed a funny little tidbit about his early career:

“My sister used to dress me up as a girl and call me “Raisin.”

Oscar also shared some insight on how he chooses roles:

“I’ve been very active in making sure that — for instance, when I get a script, if the script describes the character as Latin, or whatever ethnicity it might be, my very first thing is to take that away, and to see what is there. Because often what happens is you get characters that are quite bland, and the only interesting  thing about them is that they’re exotic and they’re from some sort of weird place and they speak funny, or they have funny cultural things. Like maybe they’re “passionate” or something. You know, or “bad tempered.”