394: Margaret Cho, Michael McDonald, And We Cover Your Kvass

Comedian Margaret Cho lets listeners know when it's OK to ask Asian-Americans where they're from (Hint: never)..."Strong Island" documentarian Yance Ford re-examines his brother's murder - and his family's search for justice - 25 years later... Yacht Rock royalty Michael McDonald gives a soundtrack that takes him back to his childhood... Brendan tastes a traditional Slavic beverage known as Kvass... and we bid farewell to Michelle Philippe a.k.a "The Voice of History" with a cocktail.

393: Jesmyn Ward, Matt Berninger, and Future Islands’ Pet-Friendly Playlist

Author Jesmyn Ward admits to some guilty pleasures... The threesome behind Future Islands DJs the ultimate "grill and chill" playlist - pets allowed... Director Theo Anthony remembers what it's like to have Werner Herzog as your teacher... The National's Matt Berninger explains the perks of being a rock star *and* a dad... Librarian Annie Spence bids goodbye to a classic of Russian literature... and more!

392: Lake Bell, Ted Leo, and Not Dumplings

Actor-director Lake Bell turns her lens on marriage -- the good, the bad, and the ugly... Author Jenny Zhang suggests a few super "sour" bites of culture... Punk Rocker Ted Leo brings us tunes that'll make you dance and think... The Posts demonstrate how NOT to tick off your college roommate... And Brendan tries Kubeh for the first time (the New York restaurant and the Kurdish treat). Plus, Sherlock's creator cracks a real-life case, Vivien Leigh's copy of the "Gone With the Wind" script is up for grabs, and a new track from Grizzly Bear sets the perfect vibe to your weekend.

The Dinner Party Sandbox Series: Below-the-Line TV Special

Just in time for the Emmys, it's a special episode all about TV's unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes! From a costume designer for "The Handmaid's Tale" to a casting director for REALITY television. These unsung roles are called "below-the-line" in the biz... but their work is above-and-beyond amazing. Oh -- and a special twist! -- this show's interviews are hosted by DPD's own below-the-line team: our intrepid producers. Enjoy!

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