Yes, Virginia, There Are Drinkable Peanuts

In DPD #75, bartender Wes Fraser (of our go-to Birmingham, AL nightspot [Bottletree Cafe]( fretted that he’d tried to make us a peanut-based cocktail, but couldn’t because “There is no peanut liqueur” — something Brendan and I found unfathomable in a world that abounds with [liqueurs derived from far less popular nuts](
Thankfully, our listeners wrote in with good news:
*”I heard you and your bartender guest say there was no peanut liquor. Nonsense! One of my favorite sipping and mixing liquors is [Castries](, a peanut rum from St Lucia. Hard to find but worth every drop!”*
– Neil Fineman, Yorba Linda CA
*”There is a peanut liqueur! It’s made in Jamaica, and is called [Peenie Wallie]( (imagine the dinner party conversations that will inspire). The drink is peanut/cream flavored, infused with white overproof rum. It’s quite delish! You must go to Jamaica and try some.”*
– Tracy Robert, Newport Beach CA
Thanks, Tracy, we’ll do that just as soon as our next 20 paychecks clear. Anyway, neither of these elixirs are exactly thick on the ground here in the U.S., but we’ve alerted Wes to their existence, and if he manages to track some down and create a drinkable PB & J we’ll be sure to post the recipe here, right after we sober up.