Small Talk


For the past few months we’ve been camping out at our [Facebook Fan Page]( and crashing at [Twitter](, but today we finally have a place to call our own: Welcome to the Dinner Party Download’s new home on the web.
Getting nervous about impromptu dinner parties is now a thing of the past! You can rest assured that we’ll keep this website stocked with witty reparte, perfect songs and charming historical facts for you to draw upon. We’ll also keep some exclusive downloads, musings about etiquette and long form interviews around in case you want to go deep.
This site was built by a bunch of web ninjas that work for American Public Media. We thank them. We also thank illustrator [David Heatley]( for providing us the nifty banner art. In the near future we’re going to invite you to submit photos for our banner, but for now, sit back, have a cup of tea and explore….
Bon Appetit!
Brendan and Rico