That Sounds Delicious

[Our interview this week with ?uestlove]( got me thinking about the marriage of my two favorite things – food and music. While not all food-related songs are actual odes to the edible (“Cherry Pie”, anyone?), there is no shortage of tasty metaphors in the world of music.
This quickly curated list represents my 10 favorite picks, based on my brunch-time appetite for sound.
10. [Red Beans and Rice]( Spearhead
Foreshadowing [the mellow yogi that he’s since become](, a younger Michael Franti, fronting his band Spearhead circa 1994, here expresses his intense love for beans.
9. [Caramel]( Suzanne Vega
This song sets a sultry mood, all while priming you for dessert… and beyond.
8. [Pabst Blue Ribbon]( The Untamed Youth
This particular song is a nod to my former home of Portland, OR, where ironic Midwestern beer swilling was perfected.
7. [Be Healthy]( Dead Prez
If you’re looking to clean up your act, Dead Prez is full of helpful advice on the virtues of healthy eating.
6. [Savoy Truffle]( The Beatles
Being an [Apple scruff ]( at heart, I’d be remiss to not include this dessert-based song, penned by George Harrison about his sweets-addicted bestie, Mr. Eric Clapton.
5. [Mother Popcorn]( James Brown
While the song is truly about a dance rather than the food, it’s not hard to imagine busting a move to this song while waiting for your corn to pop.
4. [Knock Me A Kiss]( Louis Jordan
A swinging song, in which a man struggles, caught between his desires for food and the woman he loves. I feel his pain.
3. [Lost in the Supermarket]( The Clash
We’ve all been there, aimlessly wandering those endless aisles, with no idea what we’re doing. The piped in 80’s power ballads are never this good, though.
2. [Buttermilk Biscuits]( Sir Mix-a-lot
This throwback reminds those who are watching their figures to consume in moderation– buttermilk biscuits can lead to baby getting back.
1. [The Coffee Song]( Frank Sinatra
I’ve been repeatedly surprised at how few people are familiar with what I consider to be one of Frankie’s best songs. If this doesn’t have you dancing around the kitchen while grinding your beans, nothing will.