Keeping Up with Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams co-hosts the new podcast "2 Dope Queens." But it's in her role as senior correspondent for "The Daily Show" that she's become America's favorite fake-news reporter. Jessica aims her arsenal of quick wit and righteous indignation at everything from politics and race to Beyonce. She tells us about forging her own career path, her brief brush with child stardom, and why the Kardashians might be providing the best drama on TV.

Nahnatchka Khan: 3 Mortifying Memories of Dad, the Carpool Comic

Nahnatchka Khan is the showrunner of the ABC sitcom "Fresh Off the Boat," which is currently in its second season. The show has won kudos for its smart, subversive take on first and second generation American-immigrant experiences. She celebrates her own immigrant dad and his funny bone.

Ellie Kemper Has Her Own Method

Ellie Kemper got her start on traditional TV, playing the optimistic receptionist in the sitcom "The Office." She also made a splash as Kristen Wiig's miserable newlywed pal in the blockbuster comedy "Bridesmaids." But these days she stars in the streaming Netflix series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." The actor shares insight on taking cues from Tina Fey, what she doesn't get about method acting and why she believes comedy isn't just for Ivy League grads.

Tatiana Maslany Talks Terrible Accents and Tough Love

For the last three years, Tatiana Maslany has starred as not one, not two, but nine-and-counting characters on the much-acclaimed BBC America series "Orphan Black" -- for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Tatiana gives us some insight on playing a small army of clones, reveals the bad hip-hop she's been listening to, and advises our listeners on what to do if they look just like Moby.

Lena Waithe Wants to Write Television That ‘Helps the Way We Relate to Each Other’

After Lena told her tale of how a general business meeting turned into an amazing love story, we heard the sound of sixteen hundred people falling for the actor, writer and producer in the form of uproarious applause. Learn how "A Different World" sparked Waithe’s drive to become a TV writer and how she hopes to inspire little girls to know the world is bigger than their own backyard.

Jason Schwartzman Reveals His Classical Connections and a Little ‘Rushmore’ Trivia

You know Jason Schwartzman from a million things, but you probably first saw him playing Max Fischer in the movie "Rushmore." That was the first of his many collaborations with director Wes Anderson, which include "The Darjeeling Limited" and "Moonrise Kingdom." He's also starred in films from "I Heart Huckabees" to "Saving Mr. Banks." He gives us some behind-the-scenes insight on his Golden Globe-winning series "Mozart in the Jungle" and reveals how a public radio legend gave him his big break in "Rushmore."

Peter Berg Talks Military Tales and Starting the Binge-Watching Craze

As an actor Peter Berg has starred in the TV series "Chicago Hope" and in dozens of films. But he's also become a major filmmaker. He directed the film "Friday Night Lights," which he developed into the beloved TV series. And he helmed last year's acclaimed thriller "Lone Survivor," about a Navy Seal team in Afghanistan. He talks to Rico about seeking out the truth for his docuseries "Live to Tell" and not apologizing for the time you lost binge-watching "Friday Night Lights."

Gael García Bernal Goes From Messiah to Maestro

Gael Garcia Bernal was a TV star in his native Mexico from a very young age. And then broke into the international art house circuit with roles in the acclaimed films "Amores Perros" and "Y Tu Mamá También." He went on to star in movies like "Babel," "Rosewater," and "The Motorcycle Diaries." His latest project is a series for Amazon called "Mozart in the Jungle." The actor talks about his genius "Mozart in the Jungle" character, the rise of Mexican cinema... and then gets a bit of a reality check from Brendan.