Who Was Gertrude Bell? ‘Letters from Baghdad’ Highlights the Explorer’s Unsung Legacy

Archaeologist and diplomat T. E. Lawrence's involvement in the Middle East during World War I was legendary, but another person of equal influence has kind of been forgotten in the history books (and on-screen). Her name was Gertrude Bell, and the directors behind a new documentary called "Letters From Baghdad" explain why she is the most important explorer you've never heard of.

Mackenzie Davis Worries About the Next ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’

Actor Mackenzie Davis plays the punk rock coding genius Cameron in the AMC series "Halt and Catch Fire." Her latest film is called "Always Shine." It's both a psychological thriller and a look at the sexist pressures of Hollywood. She talks with Brendan about the gender stories featured in the film and the trend of female characters that seem to be a little too perfect.

‘Hitchcock/Truffaut’ Explores the Impact of a Chat Between Filmmaking Masterminds

Back in 1966, at the height of his career, French filmmaker François Truffaut sat down with his hero, Alfred Hitchcock, and interviewed him about every film he'd ever made. That interview was transcribed into a hugely influential book called "Hitchcock-Truffaut." A new documentary explores the making of that book, and Rico talks to its director Kent Jones.

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Costume Designer Colleen Atwood Makes the Clothes that Make the Movie

Colleen Atwood is among the most celebrated costume designers working today, with a cabinet-full of trophies for her work in film, television, and Broadway. Among those statuettes are a trio of Academy Awards and, this Sunday, she may well make it a quartet, as she is nominated for her work on "Into the Woods"

Along for the Trek with George Takei

"To Be Takei" tells the personal story of actor, activist, and pop-culture figure George Takei, from a childhood in a World War Two internment camp to the stars - or "Star Trek," anyway - and beyond, overcoming discrimination along the way.

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Elisabeth Moss, on a Roll, Gathers No Stones

Elisabeth Moss has spent 22 years in the spotlight, and only seems to be picking up momentum. This week, her newest starring turn hits cinema screens. "The One I Love" is a drama, romantic comedy... and surreal thriller.

Kevin Spacey Takes Center Stage – On Film

"Now: In the Wings On A World Stage" documents the months film & TV star Kevin Spacey spent touring the world, starring in a massive stage production of "Richard III." He tells Rico about playing the 2nd biggest role in Shakespeare, and the on-stage pranks that kept it fresh.

David France Acts Up

Esteemed journalist David France's debut documentary, “How to Survive A Plague" - about the activist group Act Up, which in the 1980s and 1990s focused the world on the AIDS crisis and arguably helped bring about today’s treatments for the virus - was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.