One For The Road

Sun Kil Moon – ‘I Love Portugal’

Photo Credit: Caldo Verde Records

Mark Kozelek was the songwriter behind ’90s indie band Red House Painters. Since then he’s released a bunch of albums under his own name and under the moniker Sun Kil Moon. That project’s new album is called “Common As Light and Love Are Valleys Red With Blood.” The songs are almost like diary entries. Click here to listen to a single off the album, called “I Love Portugal.”

  • Ana Carolina Keränen

    as a Portuguese and a girl from Porto, thanks. This brightened up my day, i am in total awe. Thank you for expressing so well and clearly the love for my country and culture. I also want to live again in Porto someday – my home city and my true love. Economical crisis pushed out of my country’s borders, but i know i will be back home someday, will buy a house and see the river. Thanks sweethearts!