Small Talk

Penn & Teller Predicted Our Small Talk

DPD listener Lee Kasner, of Tampa, FL writes:
*”I heard the small talk segment about the water menu at a fancy restaurant… and was reminded of the “Penn & Teller’s Bulls–t” episode where they open a fancy restaurant with a water menu. So is this another joke or were Penn & Teller just ahead of their time?”*
Well, Lee, it’s apparently not a joke. While the Wall Street Journal’s Mary Pilon — who wrote the article that started this storm of controversy — originally left the restaurant in question unnamed, [she came clean today]( and revealed it to be L.A.’s [Bazaar](
Anyway, here’s the eerily portentous video Lee’s talking about (NOTE – adult language). The relevant bit’s about five minutes in:

“It’s a natural [diuretic](” Genius.