Guest of Honor

More Spike Lee (the director’s cut of the director)

Spike Lee is ostensibly hyping his new book about the making of “Do the Right Thing”… but our conversation covered a broad range of topics: the movie, the book, his discovery of silver-tongued co-star Rosie Perez, his love of Ann Margaret, the changing dimensions of Hollywood studios, the influence of Rashomon, and J-Lo’s backside.

Here’s the 16-minute extended cut. Warning: Contains some mature language.

  • Cat

    You seemed to be surprised by the idea of the President and First Lady going to see “Do the Right Thing” on their 1st date. But I remember vividly when that movie came out and at least in the black community it was THE movie to see. Everyone was going and it’s actually the only time I’ve been pissed at Spike because I love his movies but I hate being surprised or upset by violence on screen and Radio Raheim’s murder caught me way off guard and really upset me. It’s a moment I would have cut away from if I had watched it at home or on video. But all of my friends went to see that movie the opening weekend and many went back to see it two and three times.

  • Kris Holechek Peters

    We definitely recognize the cultural significance of the film and its relevance to the Obamas. It’s just not the kind of movie we think of when a guy is planning his “yawn-and-stretch-the-arm” move on the first date.