How a Father’s Compassion Led to ‘Lavender Country’

Patrick Haggerty, the man behind the first gay country album, tells an unforgettable story about the man who stood behind him.

Early gay rights activist and country music pioneer Patrick Haggerty gives much of the credit for his success to his father, who taught him to be proud of his identity in a place and time when that was an unusual act.  Here’s a memorable story that didn’t make it into Brendan’s interview.

Some context about Patrick and his father, from the full interview:

In a word, it’s probably my dad. When you’re in the country and it’s 1955, and you’re a sissy and the whole world knows you’re a sissy, it really helps a lot if your dad loves you and has your back. It really helps. I just cannot describe to you how much that helps.

I haven’t a clue what enlightened my father. It was probably his love of children. He raised his younger brothers and sisters before he married my mother, and there were eight of them younger than him when his parents died, when he was twenty. Then, he married my mother and he had ten more children. I’m number six out of the ten. By the time he got to me, he was pretty seasoned.