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Important news about the future of The Dinner Party Download

A quick note from Brendan and Rico.

Dear friends!

Alas, like all good dinner parties, our party must come to an end. After ten years as a pioneering podcast and six years as a public radio weekend show, on December 1st, we are parting ways with American Public Media.

Seriously, we’re out of wine, and these dishes aren’t going to clean themselves. December 1st will be our last broadcast. However, audio fans, fear not: details about Brendan and Rico’s podcast future are forthcoming! Head to www.brunchishell.com to sign up for more info.

It’s been a joy hosting this party together! We’ve talked to the world’s most creative people, hosted sold-out shows around the country, tricked countless chefs into feeding us for free… and most importantly we’ve had a chance to hear from and interact with all you longtime fans, who have made making this show truly one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

But a threat looms on the horizon that we can no longer ignore. It’s the scourge of brunch! Not merely a forum for over-priced eggs, but a leisure-time-squandering hellscape embodying all that is soul-killing and alienating about modern life. To battle it, we’ve written a book called “BRUNCH IS HELL: How to Save the World by Throwing a Dinner Party.” It comes out December 5th from Little Brown, and is available for preorder NOW wherever books are sold (for instance, here).

Again, head to www.brunchishell.com to sign up for more info about the book, and to see if we’ll be in your town promoting it.

Like any dinner party, it’s the guests who make it work. We are beyond grateful for your support over the years and hope you join us on our next adventure.

In the meantime, we have plenty of great DPD episodes in store for you over the next few weeks, including a LIVE dinner party at the Moore Theater in Seattle on November 16th (tickets available here). We’re calling it ‘The Last Supper.’

Until then!

Brendan and Rico



  • Martha Walden

    Bummed that my Friday and/or Saturday night entertainment will be ending. Good luck to your future Brendan and Rico!

  • Tyler Munden

    Too bad. Just heard about the show ending. Cheers.

  • Michele From Ohio

    My Friday evening just got boring.

  • Ronald peterson

    Dear Dinner Party Download, You were never funny or clever. Best wishes on your next adventures… far far away from my local radio broadcast.

    • Loud_Librarian

      Seriously? You took the trouble to come here just to be mean? You must be tons of fun at dinner parties.

      • Cathy Scott

        thank you. like there aren’t enough mean folks already.

    • txworldtraveler

      Seems as though you listened often enough to arrive at such a ridiculous comment. I’m sure we will all be waiting for your attempt to produce a funny and clever show . . . well, maybe we won’t.

  • Loud_Librarian

    I’m sad to hear this. I’d been enjoying the show more and more. Best of luck! I’ll be looking forward to your future endeavors.

  • Blanca

    You had me with History Lesson with Booze. Thanks for all the fun, clever and tasty years of listening. Y’all got me through many sinkfulls of dishes and loads of laundry.
    Cheers ( :

  • pjbthree

    APM has been making a lot of bad decisions as of late

    • Clover11111

      So true. I can fall asleep listening to the Splendid Table. That Live From Here after they scrubbed Prairie Home into the garbage is not much better. Yet, they beg for money at every turn..

  • cj

    I’ll miss the DPD. enjoying your new podcast now!

  • Lara Hardin

    It looks like a total eclipse has come over the Dinner Party Download. I listened to the episode about nature that was timed for the eclipse because I thought it sounded fascinating. You guys were not only funny but very informative. I loved the numbers segment. When you said “That’s enough about that.” I cracked up. Too bad I only listened one time. What a bummer!

  • Chickielavon

    I am sorry to hear this as well… Always loved hearing the playlist… 🙁

  • chris doeller

    Its still airing. I find it too much like all the other newer NPR programs. They are either clones of “this American life” or too much like this Dinner party download. I liked “Car Talk”, and understand why it needed to go, but to be replaced with more of the same of this type of show has not been an improvement.

    • Roy Green

      Um, what sort of program would you want to hear? DPD was, to me, much different than ‘other newer’ public radio shows.

  • jenifer dwyer

    Who’s going to tell me what to eat? drink? and most importantly what to listen to in music? i’m lazy and you did such good work for me. 🙁

  • Nosteratella

    I thought your “Look Up and Listen” episode with Neil deGrasse Tyson was very interesting and entertaining, a great multi-purpose use of the medium of radio. What are you guys going to do next on the radio? How are we going to find out about it? Keep us in your loop!