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Gina Rodriguez Has Zombie Ambitions

Actor Gina Rodriguez just picked up a Golden Globe nomination for her starring role in the hit TV show "Jane the Virgin," an adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela, relocated to Miami. Like most telenovelas, the plot is full of some pretty crazy twists and turns, so she joins us with a list of other unbelievable — yet unbelievably fun — pop culture.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Hey! What’s up, everybody? I’m Gina Rodriguez, and I play Jane in the new CW dramedy called “Jane the Virgin.”

Jane is a young girl studying to be a teacher with dreams of being a writer, and goes to the gynecologist for a routine pap smear and gets accidentally artificially inseminated. No! What!? That’s crazy! There’s no way that can happen.

Well, for one, it is actually is scarily possible. Be careful when you go to the gynecologist next time! Kidding! But, maybe not kidding.

But, at the end of the day, there are a lot of shows out there that, when you stop to think about it and you break it down, you’re like, “This story is crazy, and we’ve been buying it for five, six, seven, eight seasons.”

So, here’s my list of shows that are so crazy, it just might work.

“Breaking Bad”

The first show on my list, the first artistic venture on my list, “Breaking Bad.” A high school teacher who then runs a meth lab to cover his cancer bills. I mean, that’s crazy! And, he doesn’t get caught? Come on, now. You know, I’m in the wrong business.

I started getting into this show because my good friend Max Arciniega was Krazy-8 in the first four episodes. He was like, “You have to watch this because I’m in this show.” Within the, I’d say, third or fourth episode, where he’s tied up and about to get killed, I was like, “This is amazing.” Poor Max. Sorry, Max.

What ends up allowing us to fall so in love with these storylines that are so absurd is because of our love for the characters. Adorable little Bryan Cranston is so sweet, he looks so sweet trying to help his family, trying to protect his family, and the acting was so phenomenal from the jump, that you fall into the world with them.

“Avenue Q”

My number two is “Avenue Q,” the amazing Broadway musical. A bunch of puppets talk about porn? Actually, now I’ve decided, the only way I’m going to discuss with my children, when I have them, about life, is through puppets. Because here I am, in the crowd, looking up at these puppets cuss at me, and telling to buy that CD. I was like, “This is genius and I’m obsessed with it.” I watched the show six times.

You know, I was trying to figure out how it worked, while I was watching it. How did they get away with this? I think the music element to it, it’s so catchy. Of course, the nostalgia of bringing us back to our childhood brings you in, but also, it’s almost easier to digest these really serious conversations they’re having because it’s coming from the mouth of a furry, green animal. “Oh, alright, I’ll wear a condom, of course, Mister Fluffy Thing.”

I guess, spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down. Was that Mary Poppins? That was also so crazy. Mary Poppins was ridiculous!

“The Walking Dead”

Before number three, I want to throw out a few, just people can talk about, and then I’ll talk about one.

The TV show “Bewitched.” This hidden witch, and nobody knew besides her husband, who was totally cool with it.

“Alvin and the Chipmunks.” Chipmunks that sing, that are owned by humans. There was nothing creepy about the fact that these chipmunks were only wearing sweaters and no pants.

The third one, I think, I would probably be “The Walking Dead.” What I think is crazy is that they can come up with a show centered around zombies, and then last three or four seasons. Four, five or six, of zombies. It’s like, the apocalypse. There’s nothing else that’s going to happen. You can’t think, “Oh, next season, it’s going to be changed up. It’s not going to be any zombies, anymore.”

No, there is going to be zombies. There’s going to be zombies again and again and again. And I still want more! For me, I specifically love the background extras of the zombies, the people that stumble around and do such a committed job. I want to be on “The Walking Dead” so bad. Jane the Zombie.