Small Talk

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go Mugless

So the other day I posted this on our [Facebook page ](
“There are no coffee mugs in the office kitchenette. We work in PUBLIC RADIO — how can we be short on COFFEE MUGS??”
Public radio fans — me included — love it when public radio people acknowledge public radio’s public-radioness, so the post attracted a bunch of amused comments, one of which came from one of the friendly folks over at Houston’s public station, [KUHF](, who wrote simply:
“I’m going to send you one.”
I smiled and gave it a Facebook “like” and didn’t think of it again until just now, when a package arrived on my desk, containing two of these:
Mug shot
All I have to say is, public radio people are quality people. And also, KUHF’s mugs are lovely blue etched-glass numbers — well worth a pledge.