Episode 14: Lamont Dozier, Cryonic Cocktail, Korean Tacos

This week: legendary Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier gives candy to children... We chill out with a cryonic cocktail... And Brendan discovers the three most beautiful words in the English language: Korean, BBQ, Tacos.

Episode 13: Best of 2008

This week: what do Lolita, duck testicles, Chevys, cows, Robert Wagner and booze have in common? This show in 2008, that's what. We take a look back at the first 12 episodes of the podcast that shocked a nation... and toss in a few new facts for the first dinner parties of 2009.

Episode 12: David Fincher, Tom Jones, Mozzarella

This week: Director David Fincher isn't afraid of the dark... We unite our nation with an All-American cocktail... Brendan is granted an audience with the king of mozzarella... plus a joke from THE Tom Jones.

Episode 11: David Heatley, Killer Fog, PB&J

This week: Cartoonist David Heatley literally tells all... we inhale a glassful of London's killer fog... and star pastry chef Adrian Vasquez makes a peanut butter sandwich that'll make your brain hurt.

Episode 10: Of Montreal, Edison, Bird-munching

This week: Kevin Barnes of the band Of Montreal defines "sexualien"... Thomas Edison lights up a martini glass... and Rico gets permission to eat endangered birds.

Episode 9: Iran, Football Names, White House Garden

This week: we seek direct engagement with Aaron Aites of the band Iran... We learn the greatest name in football... Pittsburgh gets drunk on black gold... and Obama supporters dream of home-grown on the White House lawn.

Episode 7: Irvine Welsh, D.C. Homes, Sushi Guide

This week: superstar author Irvine Welsh talks about his sexual prowess... We learn the history of the only home in Washington, D.C. that hasn't lost its value... And the Monterey Bay Aquarium ruins dinner.