Episode 17: Larry Wilmore, The Peacemaker, Noodle What?

This week: "The Daily Show's" Larry Wilmore is pure magic... We learn why even grownups shouldn't play with guns... star mixologist Todd Thrasher mixes a drink fit for a vampire... and Rico pounds down a serious noodle with a funny name.

Episode 16: Howard Zinn, Censors, Piggin’ Out

This week: Historian/Activist Howard Zinn recalls a different kind of flower power... We learn what happens when TV censors can't take a joke... and Brendan pigs out on lard pigs.

Episode 14: Lamont Dozier, Cryonic Cocktail, Korean Tacos

This week: legendary Motown songwriter Lamont Dozier gives candy to children... We chill out with a cryonic cocktail... And Brendan discovers the three most beautiful words in the English language: Korean, BBQ, Tacos.

Episode 13: Best of 2008

This week: what do Lolita, duck testicles, Chevys, cows, Robert Wagner and booze have in common? This show in 2008, that's what. We take a look back at the first 12 episodes of the podcast that shocked a nation... and toss in a few new facts for the first dinner parties of 2009.

Episode 12: David Fincher, Tom Jones, Mozzarella

This week: Director David Fincher isn't afraid of the dark... We unite our nation with an All-American cocktail... Brendan is granted an audience with the king of mozzarella... plus a joke from THE Tom Jones.

Episode 11: David Heatley, Killer Fog, PB&J

This week: Cartoonist David Heatley literally tells all... we inhale a glassful of London's killer fog... and star pastry chef Adrian Vasquez makes a peanut butter sandwich that'll make your brain hurt.

Episode 10: Of Montreal, Edison, Bird-munching

This week: Kevin Barnes of the band Of Montreal defines "sexualien"... Thomas Edison lights up a martini glass... and Rico gets permission to eat endangered birds.

Episode 9: Iran, Football Names, White House Garden

This week: we seek direct engagement with Aaron Aites of the band Iran... We learn the greatest name in football... Pittsburgh gets drunk on black gold... and Obama supporters dream of home-grown on the White House lawn.