Episode 28: Rich Fulcher, Jesse Owens and BrendanBot 3000

This week: Rich Fulcher, of the cult TV hit "The Mighty Boosh," raises the decibel level of UK comedy... We race back in time with Jesse Owens... and Brendan samples a drink fit for Olympians. Also: Rico tries and fails to replace Brendan with technology.

Episode 20: Ondi Timoner, Salt March, Say Cheese!

This week: Sundance-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner lives in public radio... We taste the salt that shook the world... and Brendan goes hunting for Easter eggs and finds Grilled Cheese.

Episode 19: Girls, Brando Lore, Meaty Cupcakes

This week: Rico chats up Girls at SXSW... Marlon Brando gets an offer he can refuse... and Brendan is forced to rethink his jihad against cupcakes (Hint: it involves meatloaf).