Episode 349: Barney Frank, Anna Chlumsky, Hailu Mergia

This week, it’s a special edition of the DPD, taped in front of a D.C.-area crowd! Think of it as a political party: Former congressman Barney Frank pines for pragmatism and left-(handed) progress… Anna Chlumsky of HBO’s “VEEP” swears she can leave her character’s quirks on-set… Local keyboard legend Hailu Mergia, once a part of Ethiopia’s jazz scene, tells us his incredible story and then plays us out… And we talk Martinis (and Martinezes) with D.C.’s bartender-in-chief Derek Brown. Plus, the man behind the President’s “Between Two Ferns” appearance, some crooked Nixon humor, and more!

Brad Jenkins Bridges Hollywood and D.C.

Small Talk

Remember when President Obama was on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis? Funny or Die DC's Brad Jenkins tells us exactly how that happened, and why it was so important to the Affordable Care Act.

5 Essential Things to Know About the Martini from Cocktail Maven Derek Brown


Derek Brown writes about drinks for outlets like the Atlantic and The Washington Post. He also runs a slew of celebrated bars, including "The Columbia Room," which GQ once said makes the best Martini in America. The D.C. Bartender-in-Chief tells us all about "the king of cocktails," and why a Martini with balanced ingredients is a better Martini.

Barney Frank on Change, Coming Out, and Cokie Roberts' Dad

Guest of Honor

True to his last name, Congressman Barney Frank shares his unguarded thoughts on Trump, Hillary, Bernie, coming out, and what drove him into politics.

Anna Chlumsky of 'VEEP' Talks Potty Mouths and PG Curse Words


At age 10, Anna Chlumsky became one of the most beloved child stars in America when she starred in the sweet coming-of-age flick "My Girl," alongside Macaulay Culkin. These days, she's known for her foul-mouthed "VEEP" character. The actress shares a few toned-down expletives she uses at home and explains how a chat with singer Roberta Flack led her back into acting.

Barney Frank & Anna Chlumsky Tackle 'Etiquette' in the DMV


The former Congressman and the "VEEP" co-star team up to handle questions about birthday gifts, cell phone etiquette, and when you should tell your neighbors that their kids are playing in an animal toilet.

The Re-Emergence of Hailu Mergia

Chattering Class

Hailu Mergia drives a cab in Washington, D.C. He's also responsible for one of the most popular songs in Ethiopian history.

Playlist 349


All the music from episode 349.