Episode 90: Bellflower, Guillotin’s Machine, and the Cheesesteak Challenger

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Glodell (l) and Dawson (r) in Bellflower/© Coatwolf

This week: “Bellflower” filmmakers Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson set the film-fest circuit ablaze… A Philly sandwich takes on the cheesesteak… And the tale of a most enlightened killing machine. Plus unholy laughter from bestselling author Tea Obreht and a new tune from Vetiver.

Icebreaker: Tea Obreht
Tea Obreht, wunderkind author of the bestselling novel The Tiger’s Wife, takes us to a darkly comic place.

Small Talk: Ian Chillag
Ian Chillag, producer for NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and co-host of the new podcast “How to Do Everything,” tells us about a special form of sick pay.

A History Lesson with Booze: The Guillotine & “The Blood and Straw”
This week in 1814, the physician who lent his name to one of France’s best-known inventions died. Learn about Dr. Guillotin and his ‘enlightened’ death machine, and then drink this custom cocktail ‘til your head falls off:

“The Blood & Straw,” as devised by Brian Wilshire of Bar Tonique in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

In a shaker, add equal parts:

  • Ansac Cognac VS
  • Cynar artichoke amaro
  • Luxardo “Sangue Morlacco” cherry liqueur
  • fresh orange juice

Shake and pour into a shot or martini glass. Raise the drink high, then down it swiftly and dispassionately, leaving no room for error.

Guests of Honor: Bellflower’s Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson
One of the most buzzed-about — and polarizing — movies of this year’s Sundance and SXSW film fests was “Bellflower.” Half charmingly gritty love story, half apocalyptic psychodrama, it defies easy description, and leaves audiences alternately entranced or outraged. Filmmaker Evan Glodell and co-star Tyler Dawson talk about the origins of the pic, the joy of flamethrowers, and why making movies is worth arrest. (“Bellflower” continues to play festivals as it revs up for an August release.)

Main Course: Paesano’s, the Cheesesteak Challenger
This month, Saveur magazine named Philadelphia “Sandwich City.” A well-earned title, but some would argue the article left out the city’s greatest sandwich joint: Paesano’s. Brendan heads home to Philly to speak with owner Peter McAndrews about Paesano’s eponymous sandwich.

One For The Road: Vetiver – “Hard to Break”
San Fran indie-folk band Vetiver won’t come out with their fifth album – The Errant Charm – until June, but we’ve got this warm, gauzy track to tide you over til then. Perfect for a walk on the mild side of life.

Music On This Week’s Show:

Sea & Cake – “The Argument”

Aphex Twin – “Boy/Girl Song”

Tipsy – “Liquordelic”

Jo Privat – “Joseph, Joseph”

Peter Murphy – “Cuts You Up”

Brian May – “Breakout” (from The Road Warrior)

Paulo Conte – “Sandwich Man”

Vetiver – “Hard to Break”