Episode 66: Paul F. Tompkins, Uncivil Wars, and Tennis Marathons

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Paul F. Tompkins/Rebecca Sanabria

This week: Comedian Paul F. Tompkins is no longer driven…A congressional beatdown for the ages…And the cult draining Seagram’s…Plus, new music from the band Tennis.

Icebreaker: Paul F. Tompkins
Guest of Honor Paul F. Tompkins tells a painfully funny joke. (Listeners in MN heard Chris Owens of the celebrated indie rock band Girls spread the love with a far-out joke.)

Small Talk: Mo Tkacik
Moe Tkacik, writer for the Washington City Paper, tells Rico & Brendan about the cult that’s draining the Seagram’s fortune.

A History Lesson With Booze: Congressional Beatdown & “The Abolitionist’s Old Fashioned”
This week back in 1856, Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner fell victim to a seious congressional beatdown at the hands of his southern cousin, Sen. Preston Brooks of South Carolina. After hearing this very un-civil story, you’ll want to abolish negative thoughts about your fellow citizens with this cocktail:

“The Abolitionist’s Old Fashioned,” as concocted by bar manager Jackson Cannon of the Eastern Standard in Boston :

In an Old Fashioned glass, add:

  • 1 sugarcube soaked in angostura bitters
  • 1 dash orange bitters
  • splash of soda water

Muddle, fill with ice and add:

  • 2 oz. Hurricane rum
  • 1/2 oz. Napoleon Liqueur

Beat it mercilessly and enjoy.

Guest of Honor: Paul F. Tompkins
Paul F. Tompkins is a popular comedian. He was a co-star on the cult sketch show Mr. Show and he is the proud parent of Pod F. Tompkast — a new podcast that’s already topping the charts. He tells Rico about his terrifying new hobby and why comedians don’t like joking around.

One For The Road: “Marathon” by Tennis
Newly minted husband-and-wife duo Tennis recently spent eight months together on a sailboat, so it figures that the single “Marathon” takes us headlong into the alluring seas. Expect more smooth sailing on the Tennis’ debut LP in January and on their tour, starting tomorrow.The romantic swoon of the lyrics and the island doo-wop beat are perfect for lighting the patio tiki torches one last time.
Music On This Week’s Show:

Sea & Cake – “The Argument”

Weddoes – “Signal”

Aphex Twin – “Boy/Girl Song”

Tipsy – “Liquordelic”

Blur – “Battle”

String Quartet tribute to Guns N’ Roses – “Civil War”

Mark Rivers – “Mr. Show Theme”

Tennis – “Marathon”