Episode 44 – The Icebreaker Show

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Icebreaker episode/artwork by David Heatley

A very special episode: almost every joke we’ve ever had on the show, collected in one convenient podcast. Black Francis, Tom Jones, Billy Bragg, Leslie Caron and many, many more regale you with miniature tales of guys in bars, lightbulb-changers, penguins and a mainstream cloud. Some are funny. Some are not. But there are lots of them.

The Jokes and their tellers:

“Two deers” – The Watson Twins

“Cheese that’s not yours” – Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk

“Drummer joke 1” – David Carr

“Taking penguins to the zoo” – Ezra Feinberg of Citay

“Canine telegram” – Sarah Lyall

“What is fate?” – MC Frontalot

“A guy goes to a rabbi” – Dan Ariely

“Descartes walks into a bar” – Abigail Chapin of The Chapin Sisters

“The pirate & the steering wheel” – Aaron Aites of Iran

“The butcher store” – Chad Brown aka The Lonesome Cowboy

“Soul-singing duck” – Ed Harcourt

“A penguin walks into a bar” – THE Tom Jones

“Man with a hamster” – actor Jed Mahew, Knight of The Round Table

“Two sausages” – Buck AE Down of The Mutaytor

“Huntin’ buddies” – Jere Cherryholmes of Cherryholmes

“I’ll just take the drop” – Larry Wilmore

“Mickey & Minnie” – Benjy Ferree

“The lifeguard & the hippie” – Christopher Owens of Girls

“How long have I got?” – Sam Amidon

“Cheeseburger, fries & a coke” – Music blogger Spencer Lee

“Drummer joke 2” – Jeremy Barnes of Neutral Milk Hotel and A Hawk & A Hacksaw

“They cut open the skull” – Rock-Steady Freddy of Datarock

“Photographing lions” – Glenn 5 of Anvil

“You can float around the building” – Aaron Britt

“You must be single” – Rich Fulcher

“Isle of Dogs” – Josie Long

“Self-love” – Luke Burbank

“How many Freudians?” – Billy Bragg

“The vacuuming Buddhist” – Natasha Leggero

“A mainstream cloud” – Cass McCombs

“Where am I?” – Mac MacCaughan of Superchunk

“Fortunately there was a haystack” – Stewart Brand

“Two atoms” – DPD listener Heather K. Dennis

“Funniest joke to Belgians” – MC Frontalot

“Frank Sinatra” – Black Francis of The Pixies

“Churchgoing biker” – Jessica Hundley

“Jewish mother” – Robert Zuckerman

“Big fat orange head” – Phil Hay

“Never tell a joke” – Leslie Caron