Episode 36: Julian Casablancas, Thanksgiving Centerfolds, A Car is Born

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Julian Casablancas

This Week:¬†Julian Casablancas strokes the new 90210…Brendan checks out the swimsuit issue of food mags… and we learn about the Motor City’s lemon legend.

Small Talk: The Perfect Cow, Eggo Shortage, The Thin Green Line

The staff from Marketplace tells you stories from this week’s news that your guests won’t have heard.

History Lesson with Booze: The Edsel and “The 2 Billion Dollar Pony”

This week back in 1960, the last Edsel automobile rolled off Ford’s assembly line. Now, the folks at your dinner party may know the car was a failure. But they probably won’t know how big, and why. Michelle Philippe’s back from vacation to tell the tale.

Guest of Honor: Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas started the century as the lead singer and main songwriter for The Strokes — whose classic debut album put underground guitar-rock back on the map. But on his first solo album “Phrazes For The Young” Casablancas favors complex beats and keyboards over six-strings. Julian talks with Rico about polyrhythms and Charlie Chaplin. And you can click above to stream “Phrazes” first single, “11th Dimension.”

Main Course: Thanksgiving Centerfolds

Brendan talks to Eat Me Daily’s Paula Forbes about the swimsuit edition of food magazines — the Thanksgiving issue.

One For the Road: The XX, “Basic Space”

Britain’s The XX make minimalist sensual slowcore. Best listened to AFTER the dinner party (if you know what we’re saying).