Episode 341: Daniel Clowes, Cameron Esposito, Quilt

Image Credit: Daniel Clowes

Graphic novelist Daniel Clowes on his unusual and endangered drawing utensils… Newly-married comedian Cameron Esposito describes her very public bachelor party and gives us etiquette advice… Sabri Ben-Achour of “Marketplace” and “Actuality” ponders the ghosts of peanuts past… The band Quilt DJs the chillest dinner party ever… NYMag’s Sierra Tishgart dishes on the deal with eel… Plus a bitter drink to accompany a North Pole rivalry, and more!

Daniel Clowes - 'Busy Road'


Graphic novelist Daniel Clowes offers up an icebreaker he dreamed up, before chatting with Rico about his new book, "Patience."

Peanut Precursor Is Not Extinct, But Alive In Andes

Small Talk

Sabri Ben-Achour, co-host of "Actuality," tells us about the ancestor of the modern peanut, and its discovery in the Andes mountains.

Former Friends Fighting for (North) Pole Position

A History Lesson With Booze ®

In 1909, former friends Robert Peary and Frederick Cook became bitter rivals over competing claims to have lead the first expedition to reach the North Pole.

Quilt Covers us with Chill Vibes


We caught up with the four members of the band Quilt a few weeks back at Marfa Myths -- an arts and culture festival co-sponsored by their record label, Mexican Summer. Quilt have a new album out called “Plaza.” Here they are with a playlist to chill by.

Cameron Esposito Talks 'Marriage Material'... and Dolphin Skin


Cameron Esposito been named "A Comic to Watch" by The New York Times and Jezebel, and you may, in fact, have watched her on IFC's Maron or E!'s Chelsea Lately. Her 2014 album, "Same Sex Symbol," was named "One of the Year's Best" by The A.V. Club. Now she's just released a new album, which was also filmed as a stand-up special. It's called "Marriage Material." The comedian turns her bachelor bash into a stand-up special and explains how the Supreme Court changed her sense of humor.

Daniel Clowes Aims for Hitchcockian Shock with ‘Patience’

Guest of Honor

Daniel Clowes may be the most respected graphic novelist in America. His blend of humor, horror, realism and surrealism has won him over a dozen Eisner and Harvey Awards, and he earned an Oscar nomination for adapting his comic "Ghost World" for the big screen. He talks to Rico about his newest work... and the impossibility of surprise in a world of spoilers.

Cameron Esposito’s Go-to Advice: Hug-Shakes and Spaghetti


After talking to Rico and Brendan about her new stand-up special and married life, the comedian expertly guides our listeners through a few cringe-worthy problems.

Why Eel Meals Have Been Popping up on Menus Across New York City

Main Course

For the most part, Americans only know eel from Japanese cuisine like Unagi and Anago sushi. But that might be changing. Sierra Tishgart is the senior editor at New York Magazine's Grub Street food blog and she recently wrote an article about the emergence of eel on New York restaurant menus. Brendan is not a big fan of eel, but to learn more, he met up with her at High Street on Hudson, one of these eel-happy establishments.

Listener Feedback: A Sci-Fi Fan Sounds Off and Gives Us A Great List of Writers of Color in Sci-Fi

Listener Letters

We hear back from our listeners on an oversight from our NOTscars special, why cyclists really shave their legs, and a different take on shoe etiquette.