Episode 34: Klosterman, Kidnapping and Killer Kandy

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Chuck Klosterman/Photo By Tema Stauffer

This week: pop savant Chuck Klosterman is sharp as a tiger’s whiskers… we lend an ear to the tale of a billionaire kidnapping… and Brendan celebrates Halloween by tasting the worst candy in the world.

Icebreaker: Superchunk
Mac McCaughan, the lead singer of Superchunk, clearly and slowly shares a joke that his band tells when they’re on tour.

Small Talk: Twittering Terrorists, When Good is Bad, Car Salesman Gets Taken for a Ride
The staff of Marketplace, public radio’s national business show, share their favorite unconventional news stories from the week.

History Lesson with Booze: J. Paul Getty and the “Young American
This week back in 1973 billionaire John Paul Getty reluctanly paid the ransom for his kidnapped grandson. The “Young American” created by Michael Madrussen, shared with us by Eric Alperin owner of The Varnish in Los Angeles. Coat a Collins glass with Abisinthe and then fill it with ice and equal parts sweet vermouth and Campari. Top with soda and drink till you can’t feel your ears.

Guest of Honor: Chuck Klosterman
Chuck Klosterman is one of those guys who gets to do whatever he wants and what he wants to do is share his humorous/insightful theories about pop culture. Rico talks to him about his new book “Eating the Dinosaur.”

Main Course: (As)Sa(u)lty Licorice
Brendan eats the worst candy in the world. Actually, he eats a little bit of it and then spits the rest out.

One for the Road: The Swimmers, “One Hundred Hearts”
Philly is unstoppable right now, and we’re not even talking about the Phillies. We’re talking about Dr. Dog, Free Energy, Blood Feathers, Alec Ounsworth and now The Swimmers, a three piece that makes clean pop with a touch of Britfluence. We recommend listening to this while cooking dinner at dusk.