Episode 301: The 2015 All-Music Episode

Credit: Janet Hansen / janet-hansen.com

This week: Just in time for the last Coachella weekend and Record Store Day, it’s a special ALL-MUSIC EPISODE! We’ve got tunes and tales from Nancy Sinatra, Miguel, Carrie Brownstein, Weird Al Yankovic and Steve Martin. Also, David Crosby chats about crafting his classic California album… Classical maestro Gustavo Dudamel declares his love for all things Aerosmith… Todd Snider gets his wallet stolen by Tony Bennett (well, kinda)… Lars Ulrich bows to the crowd… And Jenny Lewis and Benjamin Booker pitch in as dinnertime DJs.

Lars Ulrich Keeps a Polite Beat


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is not known for being quiet - but that doesn't mean he isn't polite.

Benjamin Booker Gives a Little Feedback


Rootsy rocker Benjamin Booker suggests you come hungry to his dinner party and expect it to get a little wild (at least musically).

Keeping Cool, Calm, and Coiffed with Nancy Sinatra


Sixties pop icon Nancy Sinatra advises on flattering make-overs, flattering musicians' egos, and the "Frank Story" she doesn't really want to hear.

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'Weird Al' Yankovic Answers for His 'Word Crimes'


Grammar lessons, architecture jokes, polka left-overs and drugging your sibling: parody king "Weird Al" Yankovic answers listener questions.

Jenny Lewis Shares Mint Chips, Ticking Clocks


Singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis dominated the early-aughts with her wistful indie pop. She's back this month with a new solo record. Her dinner party soundtrack is easy to love - and easy to leave.

Steve Martin: Maker of Bluegrass, Maker of Faces

Guest of Honor

The writer, movie star and comedy legend talks about his award-winning music… and reveals his ultimate Super Bowl joke.

Paul Anka says you never correct Putin


Singer and songwriter Paul Anka is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the last half-century: "Put Your Head on My Shoulder," "She's a Lady," and, perhaps most famously, "My Way." This week he releases both the album Duets and his much-anticipated book, My Way: An Autobiography, which features (among other highlights) some *very* steamy Rat Pack stories. He talks to us about his Canamerican roots, indulging Putin, and pranking Don Rickles.

The Time Tony Bennett Stole $65 from Todd Snider


Nashville musician Todd Snider may be as well known for his storytelling as he is for his songs. In this tale, he recalls one Tony Bennett nicking $65 from him.

Photo: Django Crosby

David Crosby in His Spiritual Grove

Guest of Honor

Folk-rock musician David Crosby has been on the music scene for half a century. His newest solo album, "Croz" is out now.

Portland Does it Better: Etiquette with Fred and Carrie


Compromise, safety, politeness, and internalizing all your rage into an angry little ball inside of you -- with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen.

Ricky Skaggs Plays Eddie Etiquette


Ricky Skaggs is an icon in country, bluegrass, and roots music. His new memoir shares stories from the half-century he's logged in Nashville and on the road. Here, he offers advice to on how to keep any audience wanting you back - be it concert-goers or party hosts.

Jon Wurster on the Etiquette Beat


At our recent live show in Chapel Hill, NC, rock drummer and known funny-person Jon Wurster took the stage to answer etiquette questions... and sing us the most misheard rock lyric in history.

Doo-Wop sensation Kenny Vance recalls rolling with The Stones


Kenny Vance had his first musical success at 15 years old - and then went on to record 15 albums with his doo-wop vocal group Jay and the Americans. In their heyday the group opened for The Beatles’ first US performance, but Mr Vance tells us the story of a different concert they played: the NYC debut of some band that he didn’t think was very cool at the time, called…The Rolling Stones.

Playlist 301


All the music from episode 301.