Episode 20: Ondi Timoner, Salt March, Say Cheese!

Ondi Timoner/Photo courtesty of Ondi Timoner

This week: Sundance-winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner lives in public radio… We taste the salt that shook the world… and Brendan goes hunting for Easter eggs and finds Grilled Cheese.

Audio Extra

This week’s One for the Road is Golden Phone by Micachu and the Shapes. Here’s another track from their debut album Jewellery — it’s called Lips.

Drink Recipe: “Salty Lassi”

Back in 1930, India was a British Colony — and Indians were forced by law to buy British-made salt. Gandhi wasn’t pleased… so he decided to march to the ocean and illegally make his own. The act touched off a massive nationwide protest, and set the stage for India’s Independence. This week marks the anniversary of the “Salt March” — which we celebrate with our first-ever non-alcoholic drink recipe, in honor of the legendary teetotaler.

Salty Lassi as told to DPD by Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez owner of Lassi in New York, NY

  • 4 cups of yogurt
  • 1 tsp. of indian black salt (or whatever salt you have around)

Blend well
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Be the change you want to see in the world

After Dinner Mint

notes on this week’s show

Josh Harris, the spotlight-seeking subject of Ondi Timoner’s new documentary We Live In Public, hasn’t lost his appetite for attention. Evidence: this surreal video of Harris, during an appearance at a screening this week, getting tackled by a crazed audience member… or was he? We asked Ondi’s people if the whole thing was staged. Their response: “No comment.”

Gandhi’s Salt March lasted 24 days and stretched 240 miles. So guess what, we couldn’t fit all the details into a one-and-a-half-minute history segment. Here’s a half-hour’s worth of video on the subject, though. Start about five minutes in.

Our Icebreaker this week was told by singer/songwriter Sam Amidon. Live, he’s fond of interrupting his achingly beautiful ballads — like this one here — with hyperactive fits of silliness. If you happen to be one of our legion Benelux fans, take heed; Sam’s playing the Domino Festival in Brussells this weekend.

On this week’s “Main Course,” Brendan got so sidetracked grilling Clementine Cafe’s Annie Miler about America’s grilled cheese fixation, he never did around to checking out her famed deviled eggs. You can learn from his mistakes.

(Psst: register to compete in the “1st 7th Annual” National Grilled Cheese Invitational here. Don’t tell Brendan)