Episode 117: Etiquette with Jackie Collins & more from the DPD Test Kitchen

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Jackie Collins/Courtesy of Jackie Collins

This week: 28-time bestselling novelist Jackie Collins drops by to give us etiquette lessons… and to dish about Michael Caine’s birthday bash. Plus, more experimentation from the DPD test kitchen, a call for your calls, and a track from phenom Luke Rathborne.

Etiquette 2.0: Jackie Collins
Jackie Collins has sold over 400 million copies of her novels, making her hands-down one of the most popular authors on the planet. Each of her 28 (count ‘em) books has hit the New York Times bestseller list, including her latest, Goddess of Vengeance, which debuted on the list this week. Jackie’s moved in many circles – from mod-era London to Warhol’s NYC to present-day Beverly Hills – and she joined us to share stories and etiquette tips (i.e. how not to act like most of her characters). Jackie tells Brendan and Rico about sexy names, what she found beneath the coats in Swingin’ London, and soda-pop benders with The Mamas & The Papas.

We’re always looking for new etiquette questions. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or email us at dinnerparty@americanpublicmedia.org.

Dinner Party Hotline: You!
This is where you come in…Dial us from your next dinner party and leave a message at the “hotline” (a.k.a. Brendan’s office voicemail): 213-621-3554. Questions, comments, rants, descriptions of your party…anything goes. We’re hoping to run these on future shows to prove that real-world parties are happening beyond our audio-virtual one.

One for the Road: Luke Rathborne – “Dog Years”
22-year-old Luke Rathborne isn’t even 3 in dog years, but his track of the same name is soaked with a wise old sound anyway. It’s a jangly shuffle, best listened to cresting the hill as you cruise out of your one-horse hometown forever.

Music from this week’s show

The Sea & Cake – “The Argument”

Beck – “Cellphone’s Dead”

Sonic Youth – “Total Trash”

Luke Rathborne – “Dog Years”