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Johnny Yoo’s Favorite Dish in Hawaii

In our most recent episode, Rico interviewed Johnny Yoo, the executive chef over at Los Angeles restaurant A-Frame, who talked about the history behind Hawaiian cuisine. What didn't make the episode was Yoo's favorite dish in Hawaii. Find out what it is!

Photo: Eliot Lee Hazel

Rodrigo Amarante Performs ‘The Ribbon’

Rodrigo Amarante came by to present us a playlist of songs to play under the stars... and he also brought his guitar to our studio to perform one of his own. Here's that exclusive performance of "The Ribbon."

Frazer Harrison/Getty Entertainment

Rosanne Cash Shares a Song with President Clinton

Rosanne Cash is a dedicated activist and fund-raiser for charitable causes and she finds herself performing at numerous benefit concerts. One such night in 2012, she performed a cover of a ballad she loves – and found out she shared her affinity for the song with a particularly famous audience member, who decided to pay […]