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Warren Haynes Recalls Sharing a Tour Bus with Dave Grohl’s Mom On 9/11

Musician and singer-songwriter Warren Haynes is perhaps best-known as the longtime guitarist in the Allman Brothers Band. He's also a founding member of the jam band, Gov't Mule, who recently released their 10th studio album, 'Revolution Come... Revolution Go.' Listen as he tells a story of sharing a tour bus from New York City to Denver with Dave Grohl's mom, Virginia, shortly after the tragedy.

Web Extra: John Early and Kate Berlant Were Dramatic Teenagers

In this web extra, comedy duo John Early and Kate Berlant talk about their favorite moments from "Waiting for Guffman," how a teenage Kate got rejected by an agent for child actors, and how John once threw his back out working at an ice cream shop.

Web Extra: How Illeana Douglas Wound Up with Marlon Brando’s Driftwood Collection

Actress and author Illeana Douglas was kind enough to let us eavesdrop on her story about the time she met her acting idol, Marlon Brando. Here, she tells the story of how she came to own some of his personal belongings, though not the kind you’d expect. Illeana Douglas: Here’s a little postscript. Marlon Brando reaching […]