A History Lesson With Booze ®

The Blood & Straw

This week in 1814, the physician who lent his name to one of France’s best-known inventions died. Learn about Dr. Guillotin and his “enlightened” death machine, and then drink this custom cocktail ’til your head falls off:

The Smoke and Honey

This week back in 1954, Willie Mosconi performed one of the most brilliant feats in sports, ever, draining 526 consecutive billiard balls. Learn about the child prodigy-turned-15-time-World-Champion – then rack up a set of these custom cocktails.

The Astronaughties Deep Space Freeze

On March 13th, 1781, famed astronomer Sir William Herschel was using a homemade telescope in his backyard… when he spotted an object in the sky.

The Liquid Propaganda

This week back in 1949, an American judge sentenced Mildred Gillars – better known as “Axis Sally” – to prison. Learn about the All-American gal who became the seductive voice of German propaganda during WWII… then take a swig of bitter drink with a deceptively sweet surface.

The B3

This week in 1899, Bayer Corp. patented a little pill they called “aspirin.” For a healthy heart, listen to the history of it’s creation once a day, then take two of these and call us in the morning.

If You Push the Button…

This week in 1961, at the height of the cold War, the U.S. created “Operation: Looking Glass” to oversee its nuclear response from above… should the worst happen on the ground.

The First Rap Hit Record

This week back in 1980, “Rapper’s Delight,” by the Sugarhill Gang, became the first top 40 rap hit ever. Learn about the song’s intrepid producer and its bizarre origins, and then order up this future hit at the bar:


This week back in 1960, the last Edsel automobile rolled off Ford’s assembly line, marking the end of one of the worst blunders in automotive design. Learn why Edsel became a synonym for disaster, and then try not to wreck yourself with this stiff drink from Motor City.

The Swede ’67

This week in 1967, all at once, Swedish traffic moved from the left to the right side of the road. The massive campaign surrounding “Dagen H” produced cultural touchstones like the contest-winning song “Keep to the Right, Svensson!” and underwear emblazoned with H logos. Suffice it to say, the move went smoothly. Toast its success with this nostalgic cocktail.