‘White Earth’ Shows an Oil Boom through a Child’s Eyes

Nominated for the Academy Award for best short documentary of 2014, the 19 minute long "White Earth" examines the lives of the citizens of a small North Dakota town when an oil boom hits. Filmmaker J. Christian Jensen explains his choice to focus on the outsider perspective of children, rather than going the standard political documentary route.

Frank Gehry Plays House

Star architect Frank Gehry's groundbreaking Santa Monica home serves as the inspiration for the new musical composition, "Frank's House." In advance of the work's premiere, we speak with Mr. Gehry about the interplay between music and architecture... and the middle finger he gave to his critics.

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Butter Coffee Slips to Health Food Fad Status

Entrepreneur Dave Asprey was in Tibet when he first tasted the local yak butter tea. He was curious about the concept of mixing butter and oil into the hot drink, and has adapted the concept for the modern, Western audience into something he calls "Bulletproof Coffee." Butter coffee is starting to take off as a "super food" fad, with a cafe dedicated to the stuff set to open in Santa Monica, CA. Rico ordered a cup from a health food shop and sat down with Brent Rose, who writes about food, tech, and health for Wired, Gizmodo, and other outlets, to talk about the slippery stuff.

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Miranda July’s First Novel Finds a Careful System at Risk

Miranda July's creativity comes in many forms. She's an esteemed contemporary artist, a maker of widely seen films, and a bestselling author. Her latest book, "The First Bad Man," expands her distinctive worldview into her first full-length novel.

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Dame Edna Will Not Be Interrupted

Dame Edna Everage is the colorful (purple, in particular) character first created by Australian comedian Barry Humphries in 1955. Now she is on one final victory lap, "Dame Edna's Glorious Goodbye: The Farewell Tour," which kicked-off a six-city tour this month.

Natalie Prass’ Soundtrack of Sisterhood

Singer-songwriter Natalie Prass crafts the confessional 1970s-style songs that one might expect from a woman who was until recently a member of Jenny Lewis' band, and will soon be hitting the road touring with Ryan Adams. Vogue recently praised the "sense of intimacy, reflection, and immediacy" that fills her debut LP, which comes next week.

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A Story You May Think You’ve Heard Before

Reyhan Harmanci, senior editor of Fast Company, tells us about the unusual situation of a 23 year old man in England who suffers from a particularly terrible case of deja vu as a complication of his anxiety.

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Miranda July – “Theadoor”

A joke from a joke book that one two year old thinks is a story book, read by author/autuer Miranda July. After a list of story collections, films, and creative projects, she returns to the show this week to discuss her first novel.