Small Talk

“All”‘s theme, considered

*Below is a transcript of a voice-mail message left for me yesterday by Tim Walker, organizer and chief instigator of the world-famous [Grilled Cheese Invitational]( Try not to think about it during “All Things Considered” tonight; I dare you. -/RG*

Rico. It’s me. Listen, I don’t know if I shared with you this epiphany that I had or not. But if I didn’t, I apologize, and anyway here you go:
Um, it’s come to my determination, or my conclusion, or my attention… that the “All Things Considered” music? Reminds me of a large man pounding on a table demanding his dinner.
I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for literally years, and it finally hit me today. I can picture a large man, pounding on a table, going:
Or, you know, “pigs-in-blan-kets,” or whatever. But that’s it, that what it sounds like to me in my head:
So that’s it. I wish I called for something of substance, but unfortunately this is what I’m reduced to.