We’re Working on Our All-book Episode and We Need YOUR Help!

book-squareEvery week on the show, we feature unbelievable stories and chats with some of the biggest names in the literary scene like Salman Rushdie, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Marlon James.

To celebrate their stories — and many more — we’re putting novels and their writers front and center in our “All-Book Episode.” And what’s an “All-Book Episode” without a nod to the characters in literature that stay with us even after we read their stories?

From Jay Gatsby to Katniss Everdeen to Oscar Wao, these characters sit deep in our collective cultural psyche, and we want to hear about the ones you love best!

Tell us here or, you can call our hotline (929) 335-3653 by Sept. 5 and leave a message with:

  • Your name
  • Where you’re from
  • Which fictional literary character you’d love to have as a guest at your dinner party and why

Maybe you’d pick an argumentative anti-hero to liven up your dinner party? Or maybe a whimsical jester to lighten the mood? Share your character and you might be featured on our show!