5 Candidates For The Worst Albums Ever

After giving us a crash course on Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York socialite turned terrible opera singer, Darryl W. Bullock shared these audio atrocities with us that make up his top five favorite worst albums.

1. Leona Anderson – “Music to Suffer By”

Leona was Broncho Billy‘s sister and a favorite of the entertainer Ernie Kovacs. An album that makes you understand why all of Leona’s acting roles were silent.

2. Sam Sacks – “Sing It Again, Sam!”

Sam, a middle-aged coin machine operator, fails to hit a note on key. His version of “Yodel Blues” is one of the funniest things you will ever hear.

3. Peter Wyngarde – “The Peter Wyngarde Album”

U.K. actor and housewives’ favorite commits career suicide in your headphones. The song “Rape” defies description.

4. Attila – “Attila”

Billy Joel’s ridiculous heavy metal album. Billy hates it so much that he refuses to allow it to be reissued. The cover features him dressed as a soldier, standing in a cold room surrounded by dead animal carcasses.

5. Florence Foster Jenkins: A Florence! Foster!! Jenkins!!! Recital!!!!

Eight songs, all Florence, all absolutely, hysterically hideous. The album that started the cult of Florence. It’s never been out of print.