Welcome Lexington!!!

We just got word via the Dinner Party Ultra-Hotline (aka an email) that [WUKY ]( in Lexington, KY has added The Dinner Party to its weekend menu. Listeners can tune us in every Saturday at noon, starting November 5th. It’s going to be fantastic.
Brendan first fell in love with Kentucky when he realized the state sold booze on Sundays, unlike Ohio where he was attending college. And Rico once beat Kentucky basketball great [Jamal Mashburn]( in a game of ‘horse.’ OK, that isn’t true. He beat Rajon Rondo.
How could we not love Lexington, the hometown of Mary Todd? Long before a tall drink of water named Abraham Lincoln came a-courtin’, she lived there in a two-story brick, late Georgian [house](
We hope you love the show — feedback is welcome! Stay sexy Lexy…