Bruce Vilanch Attempts to Defend the ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’

Bruce Vilanch has had a storied career as a joke writer for performers from Bette Midler to Robin Williams and has six Emmys to his name. He also spent four years as a regular on "The Hollywood Squares" and appeared on Broadway in the musical "Hairspray". Listen as the comedian tries his best to shed light on the insane choices made to create what one critic has dubbed, "The worst two hours of television ever."

Josh Thomas Takes His Mum to the Top of the World

Australian Josh Thomas created, wrote and stars in the comedy series "Please Like Me." In it, he tackles coming-out and coming-of-age. The season three finale airs Friday, December 11, 10 p.m. He recalls his mother's unfortunate night of swilling Prosecco and sightseeing.

John Mulaney, ‘Beta’ for Life

Comedian John Mulaney cut his teeth as a writer for "Saturday Night Live," where he co-created iconic characters like Stefon, the club kid/nightlife reporter on "Weekend Update." After leaving "SNL," John briefly had an eponymous sitcom on Fox. And all the while he's done stand-up. He talks about his latest comedy special on Netflix, admits to being a pushover, a "beta," and shares his regrets over missed '90s joke opportunities.

Allison Janney’s Show-Within-a-Show

Allison Janney has earned accolades for her performances in just about every medium, including a couple of Tony nominations. But she's probably best known as a TV star -- especially as Press Secretary CJ Cregg on "The West Wing" -- a role that won her four Emmys. She's won two more for her latest role on the sitcom "Mom." The actor opens up about finding the levity in tragedy of her addict character on the show... and reveals her inner Notorious B.I.G.

You’re Not Supposed to Be Like T.J. Miller

T.J. Miller made his name as a stand-up comedian and he's lent his dulcet voice to the animated film "Big Hero 6" and to a ball of mucus in Mucinex commercials. But lately he's earned raves and a Critics' Choice Award for his lead role on the HBO sitcom "Silicon Valley." As this week’s etiquette guru, he comes laden with wisdom… and a rusty old tin cup.

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who: ‘I Wanted Him to be Strange’

Peter Capaldi won an Oscar for directing the short film "Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life," but he's best known as an actor. Most recently, he became he became the 12th actor to portray the title character in the beloved sci-fi series "Doctor Who." He talks with us about putting his own spin on a favorite character from his childhood and the acting challenges involved with the show's ever-shifting tone.

Paul Scheer’s Fantasy and Reality

Paul Scheer is probably best known for his role on the hit show "The League," and he also co-hosts the "How Did this Get Made?" podcast, which is dedicated to mocking terrible films. The comedian, who appeared at our Los Angeles Podfest event, reveals the moment he knew "The League" was going to be a blast, why he can't look away from "The Bachelor," and how an elaborate skateboarding scene is signal of a bad movie.