Fast Funny with Morgan Spurlock

Documentarian Morgan (Supersize Me) Spurlock leaves us with a quick joke. His new CNN series, “Inside Man,” premieres Sunday, June 23.

“Whispering Peanuts” – Ellin Stein

We kick things off with a joke from author Ellin Stein, who literally wrote the book on modern comedy (well, on the godfather of modern comedy: The National Lampoon.). She amuses us more later on in the show.

“Ignorance or Apathy?” – Kenny Vance

Singer, songwriter, and music producer Kenny Vance has been in the spotlight for over fifty years – but his joke is about two things he doesn’t possess. (Listen to a story from his rock-star glory-days later on in the show…)

Telekinesis Beats Himself Up

Michael Benjamin Lerner, the rock musician also known as Telekinesis, beats himself up for a laugh. Telekinesis' new album, Dormarion, is out this week.