Autism expert Temple Grandin on thinking across the spectrum

Dr. Temple Grandin is a college professor, scientist, inventor, activist, best-selling author - and a person with autism. In her newest book, The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum, Grandin incorporates her own experiences with cutting-edge science and innovative theory, and advocates for embracing and educating children anywhere on the autism spectrum.

Marisa Silver develops a single photograph into a touching tale

Marisa Silver first made waves as a filmmaker, winning a Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. In the last decade she’s transitioned to writing - earning acclaim for her short stories and novels. Today, we over hear a part of Marisa’s new novel Mary Coin a fictional re-imagining of the iconic “Migrant Mother” photo.

Etiquette that travels from globetrotting author Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux knows his way around the world. In masterful travel books, he transports readers to far-flung places with vivid prose. His new novel, The Lower River, recounts a man's ill-fated return to Malawi long after he first experienced the place as a Peace Corps volunteer. (Paul himself served there in the 60s.) He tells us about a one-time escape from Africa, then addresses listener questions about travel secrets...and epizeuxsis