The Dinner Party Sandbox Series: Below-the-Line TV Special

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Just in time for the Emmys, it’s a special episode all about TV’s unsung, behind-the-scenes heroes! The costume whiz behind “The Handmaid’s Tale” reflects on fashioning the series’ iconic headpieces — and fueling real-world protests… the music supervisor of “Insecure” explains how he secures the show’s pitch-perfect hip-hop and R&B soundtrack… A casting director for REALITY television charts her job’s evolution, from “Real World” to “Project Runway” (What’s your personal “brand”, everyone?)… And we break down the gloriously retro sound of “Stranger Things,” which may or may not include pig squeals. These unsung roles are called “below-the-line” in the biz… but their work is above-and-beyond amazing. Oh — and a special twist! — this show’s interviews are hosted by DPD’s own below-the-line team: our intrepid producers. Enjoy!


Sasha Alpert on the Craft of Reality TV Casting


Excellent reality TV all comes down to casting the right mix of personalities for a show. And now, the Emmys have finally created a category to honor the efforts reality casting directors. Our Associate Producer, Khrista Rypl, talked to Sasha Alpert, who has earned two nominations in the category for her work on the shows "Project Runway" and "Born This Way." Listen as Sasha explains how she evaluates a potential contestant's personality, what the job has taught her about parenting and more.

How the 'Stranger Things' Team Builds Its Scary Soundscape


Find out how the team of Netflix's smash hit developed the sounds of The Upside Down and learn what's really behind the roar of Demogorgon.

How the Team Behind 'Insecure' Shapes The Soundtrack


"Insecure" has one of the coolest soundtracks on television, but how exactly do those songs get picked for the show? Associate Digital Producer Kristina Lopez spoke with the show's Music Supervisor, Kier Lehman to find out how he works with the show's creator and production team to find the perfect song for a scene, and more.

Dressing a Dystopia: The Uniformly Powerful Statement of 'The Handmaid's Tale'


For our Below-the-Line special, Senior Producer Jackson Musker met up with costume designer Ane Carabtree. Ane has designed costumes for shows like "The Sopranos," "Masters of Sex," "Westworld," "Justified," and "The Handmaid's Tale," for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Listen as she explains how she developed the iconic outfits on the show, the technical challenges she faced in executing the look, and how she feels about its use as a symbol of political resistance.