Speakeasy Special: Vinyls, Tyson(s) and Bears!

Surprise! Instead of serving up delicious leftovers (i.e. a rerun), we’ve got a fresh-out-of-the-oven Speakeasy special!

This time around, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why Albert Einstein could not have used hairspray, “I Love Dick” and “Transparent” star Kathryn Hahn shares a story you should NEVER tell at a dinner party, and Rico pays tribute to a beloved Pittsburgh pal: Jerry of Jerry’s Records.

Plus, we bring back tales from the (volcanic!) mountaintop — that would be Lassen Volcanic National Park, the locale for our “Look Up and Listen!” launch party. Did Rico actually witness a bear? Brendan is HIGHLY skeptical. You decide.

Record Store Day Extra: The greatest record store on Earth


In honor of Record Store Day, Rico visits the "greatest record store on Earth" in his hometown of Pittsburgh.