2015 LA Podfest Bonus: Paul Scheer, Aisha Tyler, Ann Friedman

Image Courtesy of Paul Scheer

Folks! We’re unleashing here a special BONUS EPISODE, taped this past Sunday at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival. Funnyman Paul Scheer (“The League” and “How Did This Get Made?“) explains what makes awful films awful, and tries really hard to make Russell Crowe laugh. Comedian Aisha Tyler (“Archer“) relives her “Rockapella” days (feat. tons of Peter Gabriel harmonizing), and then joins Paul to tackle etiquette issues… and man buns. Plus, “Call Your Girlfriend” co-host Ann Friedman ponders a future with sentient Barbies, and we behold an icebreaker from The Smartest Man in the World. (Ahem, that’s Greg Proops.)

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Brendan and Rico decided to combine all the history cocktails into one drink. Small Talk guest Ann Friedman wasn’t really into the idea.
Paul Scheer chimes in on etiquette with Aisha Tyler while simultaneously working out by doing a few deep lunges on the side of the stage.
Brendan interviews Aisha Tyler about her Archer role while Aisha tries her best to avoid looking at the concoction of cocktails in front of her. — at Los Angeles Podcast Festival.