Double Take: Joel Kim Booster Reflects on the Evolution of His Career… and His Pony Stylist Dreams

Photo Credit: Mindy Tucker

(Heads up: This week’s episode features adult humor. It is not suitable for young listeners.)

We’ve got something entirely new for you today… introducing “Double Take”! A new podcast-only goody where you’ll hear comedians dissecting their craft, and then, they’ll talk us through the evolution of a single joke: from its first, usually pretty awful telling to now.

Our first victim– or *ahem* guest — is New York comic Joel Kim Booster. He talked to Associate Producer James Kim about a multitude of things, including why — contrary to the advice of most comics — he starts off his sets with a very blue joke, how the New York open mic scene shaped him, and what it’s like being a gay person of color in the industry.

Then, stick around as Joel shares the evolution of his infamous Crimp’n Curl Pony joke. You’ll hear audio of the first time Joel told the joke in 2012 at Beauty Bar in Chicago, then you’ll listen to the joke in a more polished form (with a theatrical kick!) when he told it on “Conan” in 2016.

Joel has a Comedy Central stand-up special premiering on October 20th, and his debut album, “Model Minority,” drops on November 3.