Episode 94: Dinner Party Etiquette with Elaine Stritch

Cindy Ord / Getty Images Entertainment
Cindy Ord / Getty Images Entertainment

Usually we tell you about unconventional stuff you can discuss at a dinner party. But this week, we tell you how to behave at a dinner party — as showbiz legend Elaine Stritch joins us to answer listeners’ burning etiquette questions… and burns a few people in the process.

Stritch made musical theater history portraying Joanne in the original Broadway cast of Stephen Sondheim’s “Company” — recording the definitive version of the tune “Ladies Who Lunch” — and a new generation knows her from her role as Jack Donaghy’s Mom on NBC’s “30 Rock.” Not exactly known for mincing words, she sets us straight on the true meaning of “ladylike,” decries the evils of practical jokes, and reminisces about a four-martini dinner party with Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Sit back (posture, though!), relax, and heed well her wise words.

Elaine on her date with Marlon Brando (and the aftermath) from the one-woman show, Elaine Stritch – Live at Liberty:

Elaine schools Alec Baldwin on “30 Rock”: