Guest of Honor

William H. Macy Plays Shameless, Hates Shameless Plugs

William H. Macy’s performance as a bumbling (and very polite) North Dakota criminal made him a household name…and earned him an Oscar nomination. Since then he’s made memorable turns in “Magnolia,” “Seabiscuit,” and many other films…including this year’s indie hit “The Sessions” (as the sympathetic priest-counselor to John Hawkes’ virgin poet.) On the small screen, Bill stars in the Showtime series “Shameless” - a comedy-drama about a poor family in Chicago’s southside. His patriarch, Frank Gallagher, is about as selfish, narcissistic, and substance-dependent as they come…which can make meeting strangers a little uncomfortable. William chats with Brendan playing being down-and-out (and still funny), Steppenwolf stages, and the most annoying decision ever made by TV execs.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Willie Nelson Talks ‘Crazy’

Music legend, classic songwriter, outlaw, folk hero: Willie Nelson makes it tough to choose your descriptor. He penned mega-hits for Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison, broke open the Nashville scene with his “outlaw country” music, and became an activist for a slew of sociopolitical causes. And there’s more coming. In this chat with Brendan, he recalls growing up in his native Texas and his 'Crazy' start… and then promptly forgets both.

Golden Globe Winner Paul Giamatti: The Director’s Cut

On a Golden Globes night full of cookie-cutter acceptance speeches, Guest of Honor Paul Giamatti broke rank to salute his "trifecta of hottie" co-stars, Godiva chocolates, and the entire nation of Canada. Check out his speech and listen to an extended cut of our interview.