Laura Dern on Lynch’s Brain and Leisure Suits

Actor Laura Dern has wowed audiences in everything from the “Jurassic Park” blockbusters to independent gems like “Citizen Ruth,” “Blue Velvet,” and “Wild at Heart.” Her latest performance - the lead in HBO’s dramedy “Enlightened” - has earned raves, and netted her a Golden Globe. Brendan chats with Laura about the show’s rising political consciousness, David Lynch’s brains, and Scott Baio’s leisure suit.

They Might Be Giants Keep it Short & Sweet

Grammy-winning duo They Might Be Giants (John Flansburgh and John Linnell) have been churning out catchy, smart tunes since 1986 - for both adults and on several albums for kids. Their 16th album “Nanobots” (out this week) features a whopping 25 songs in just 45 minutes. To celebrate the less-is-more idea, they suggest a few other tiny gems.

Ivan Ivanovich and The Splash Down

This week back in 1961, Ivan Ivanovich became the first man in space. Or rather, the first mannequin in space. Learn about this state-of-the-art dummy, and then toast his successes with this custom cocktail.

A Groan-Worthy Joke from Nick Krill

Nick Krill, frontman for the Spinto Band, has a joke that’s a shoe-in for a groan. (His band just released the album “Cool Cocoon.”)

The Invention of Pac-Man and an Inventive Cocktail

In 1980, Toru Iwatani created an arcade video game that he thought would appeal to the ladies featuring a cute little dude who bounces around noshing on fruits and dots. It wasn’t big in Japan – but stateside, Pac-Man took off big-time. Listen to the history, play a few levels, and then join us at the bar for a highly unusual cocktail.

Reyhan Harmanci on the most delicious encyclopedia

Reyhan Harmanci, Deputy Editor of the new food & culture magazine Modern Farmer guides us to La Tacopedia: Enciclopedia del taco which may be the world’s most delicious reference book.

“Ignorance or Apathy?” – Kenny Vance

Singer, songwriter, and music producer Kenny Vance has been in the spotlight for over fifty years – but his joke is about two things he doesn’t possess. (Listen to a story from his rock-star glory-days later on in the show…)