A Quick Guide to Portuguese Drinking Culture

So, while on vacation this summer, Rico spent a few days in the Portuguese city of Lisbon -- or as they call it "Lisboa." And to make sure everyone on the staff didn't totally resent his good fortune, he decided to do a little work while he was there. Listen as he learns all about the sour cherry liquor ginjinha and the salty snack tremo├žos.

Don’t Call ‘Em Dumplings: A Crash Course on Kubeh

Recently, Brendan went to a new restaurant in New York City that serves "kubeh," a Kurdish treat that is essentially a ball of dough made of bulgur or rice and filled with lamb, beef or vegetables. Chef Melanie Shurka, the owner of the restaurant, explains how she meticulously studied the different variations of kubeh to develop her own twist on the dish.

Lake Bell Shares How Her Marriage Influenced ‘I Do…Until I Don’t’

Lake Bell has one of the most interesting resumes in Hollywood. Most viewers know her as an actress -- she was lawyer Sally Heep on the series "Boston Legal" and she stars on the Netflix series "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later." Lake also writes, directs and stars in her own indie films. The latest being the comedy "I Do... Until I Don't." Rico talks with Lake about how she went from cynic to romantic while working on the film, how she incorporated experiences from her own relationship into the script, and more.

How the Team Behind ‘Insecure’ Shapes The Soundtrack

"Insecure" has one of the coolest soundtracks on television, but how exactly do those songs get picked for the show? Associate Digital Producer Kristina Lopez spoke with the show's Music Supervisor, Kier Lehman to find out how he works with the show's creator and production team to find the perfect song for a scene, and more.

Sasha Alpert on the Craft of Reality TV Casting

Excellent reality TV all comes down to casting the right mix of personalities for a show. And now, the Emmys have finally created a category to honor the efforts reality casting directors. Our Associate Producer, Khrista Rypl, talked to Sasha Alpert, who has earned two nominations in the category for her work on the shows "Project Runway" and "Born This Way." Listen as Sasha explains how she evaluates a potential contestant's personality, what the job has taught her about parenting and more.

Dressing a Dystopia: The Uniformly Powerful Statement of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

For our Below-the-Line special, Senior Producer Jackson Musker met up with costume designer Ane Carabtree. Ane has designed costumes for shows like "The Sopranos," "Masters of Sex," "Westworld," "Justified," and "The Handmaid's Tale," for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Listen as she explains how she developed the iconic outfits on the show, the technical challenges she faced in executing the look, and how she feels about its use as a symbol of political resistance.