Frozen Beer Heats up in L.A.

An ice cold beer -- it's the iconic summer tipple. The paradox: how do you keep that beer ice-cold in the summer heat? We head to L.A. restaurant Chaya, the first restaurant in America licensed to sell the solution: frozen beer.

Aisha Tyler Takes the Controls, Talks Epic Fails

In her semi-memoir "Self-Inflicted Wounds," comedian Aisha Tyler shares her most horribly embarrassing moments, from a date-ending sushi mishap to near self-immolation. Our listeners get to learn from Aisha's mistakes, as she answers their etiquette questions.

Natasha Pincus’ One Shot Wonders (See ’em Here)

VMA Nominee Natasha Pincus (of Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know") offered up an impressive list of single-shot music videos. Watch them here, along with clips of Natasha's work...

Author Chris Cleave reads from ‘GOLD’

This week, Chris Cleave talked about everything from sport addictions, to getting cut down to (book jacket) size, to Tanya Harding's latest exploits. Here's a bonus section that didn't make it into the radio piece, in which Chris reads from the opening chapter of his winning new novel "GOLD."

Rollins Meets Cash Meets Clash

During our fall 2011 taping with Henry Rollins, he told an unbelievable story about a backstage encounter between himself, Joe Strummer of the Clash, and Johnny Cash. The tale was, alas, too epic for our radio time constraints…but it SCREAMS to be heard, so here it is. Enjoy!

Welcome Lexington!!!

Starting Saturday November 5th at noon, we welcome listeners of Lexington, KY station WUKY into our audio parlour.

Your Dream Guests Have Arrived!

We received oodles of fantastic responses to our call-out for "Dream Dinner Party Guests." And now, without further ado, here's a sample of who showed up to your epic shindigs...

Tell us your dream dinner party guests!

I know, it’s unfair. Every week, WE get to choose the “Guest of Honor” for our show. To right this wrong, we’d love it if you’d let us know YOUR ideal guests. Anyone’s fair game. Share your picks after the break.