At the Sundance Film Festival, John Cooper is your inside guy

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the foremost showcases of new independent movies in America. John Cooper has been involved with the festival for 24 years and is now its director -- making him one of the most influential guys in independent film.

Coney Island Cyclone and The Thunderbolt

  [The Cyclone now  sits on the site of the first ever roller coaster – Switchback Railway – on Coney Island in New York.]   It was the late 19th century and LaMarcus Adna Thompson was losing his mind. He was a natural carpenter and inventor but somehow he’d ended up in the pantyhose business. […]

Did I just steal a newspaper?

Is it okay to take the newspaper section with you to continue reading or is this a theft from the community bin?

Richard Lawson on Drew Barrymore’s New Wine

Drew Barrymore has, like the Coppola’s before her, entered the wine biz. The fast and furious wine industry. In the ads, It’s mostly just Drew Barrymore wandering around sun kissed in some sort of vineyard, staring off into the distance. I think she’s trying to sell it as this laid back, California living kind of thing. But […]

More from Jessica Chastain

There's been much discussion about the depiction of torture in "Zero Dark Thirty." Some say that the movie implies torture was instrumental in capturing Osama Bin Laden, whereas many government officials say it wasn't. Jessica doesn't think that the movie is in any way pro-torture...and you can hear her explain why here.